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Our Mission is to provide administrative support for the emergency response notification system (911) that is available to those in need of emergency services within Greene County.

Springfield / Greene County 911 Emergency Communications

The Greene County Commission established the Greene County E9-1-1 Telephone Advisory Board in 1992. The Board is comprised of nine (9) members, appointed by the Greene County Commission, to serve for three (3) year terms.

The 911 Advisory Board meets every second Wednesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. on 2nd floor conference room of . The meetings are posted on both the City of Springfield and Greene County's websites, in addition to being posted on various bulletin boards in the government complex. Upon recommendation of the 911 Advisory Board the Greene County Sheriff's Office Emergency Communications and Springfield Emergency Communications centralized into one location effective July 14, 2002.

Effective October 6, 2013, upon recommendation of the 911 Advisory Board, the City of Republic Communications Department consolidated with the Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications Department resulting in all 911 calls for Greene County being answered in one location.

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911 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

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  • 911 Advisory Board Members

    Scott MooreScott Moore ,Chair (Greene County Fire District Representative)
    David PenningtonDavid Pennington ,Vice Chair (Springfield Fire Department Representative)
    Paul WilliamsPaul Williams ,(Springfield Police Department Representative)
    Jim C. ArnottJim C. Arnott , (Greene County Sheriff’s Office Representative) Sheriff Jim Arnott

    Sheriff Arnott was first elected Sheriff of Greene County in November, 2008 and then re-elected to a second term in 2012 and a third term in 2016. During Sheriff Arnott's 20 plus year career at the Greene County Sheriff's Office, prior to serving as Sheriff, he served in the capacity of Reserve Deputy, Patrol Deputy, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Detective Lieutenant, CID Captain and Chief Deputy. Sheriff Arnott is also holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

    As a member of the Greene County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Arnott has accumulated a long list of specialized education and training in law enforcement, investigations, weapons and tactics. Sheriff Arnott is an instructor at the Drury Law Enforcement Academy.

    Sheriff Arnott's responsibilities include but are not limited to the patrol of Greene County's unincorporated areas, the patrol of County roads and highways, inmate housing, serving of civil process, investigation of crimes and courtroom security.

    Unlike the municipal law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff has jurisdiction in all areas of the county including the cities within Greene County.

    The Greene County Sheriff's Office has an operating budget of over 43 million dollars and employs 621 full-time personnel with 46 Reserves and over 200 Citizen Volunteers.The jail houses an average daily inmate population of over 900. The Sheriff’s Office oversees protection of 670 square miles. 

    Sheriff Arnott's accomplishments during his tenure include but are not limited to:

    • Forming the Citizens on Patrol (COPS), an all-volunteer group of citizens that aid the GCSO in many different areas
    • Formation of the K-9 unit funded through donations, by citizens
    • Adding additional resources to the US Marshal Fugitive Task Force, FBI JTTF, Secret Service, BATFE and DEA
    • Being instrumental in the forming of the Sheriff's Posse of Greene County, a nonprofit organization, and an all-volunteer group that teaches horsemanship and supports the GCSO in its’ endeavors
    • Obtaining specialty vehicles such as the state of the art Crime Scene Unit, Sheriff's Mobile Command Post, an ATV and Military specialty vehicles all of which were funded through grants, seized drug money or donations
    • Forming of GCSO SWAT team to respond to barricaded subjects, hostage situations, perform high risk entries and perform arrests of violent offenders
    • Instrumental in obtaining a grant that provides the GCSO with two Deputies focused on DWI enforcement
    • Enhancing the Neighborhood watch program
    • Keeping the DARE program active with no public funding
    • National Commission on Correctional Health Care Accreditation for the Medical Department
    • Division Captain rotation program – Promotes cross training and brings new ideas and methods to the divisions
    • Honored multiple time as Patriotic Employer by the National Guard and Reserves
    • Honored by Military Order of the Purple Heart as American Patriot
    • Honored by the various American Legions for Outstanding Service
    • Recognized by the U.S. Secret Service for assistance in Presidential details



    Christopher J. CoulterChristopher J. Coulter AICP, (Greene County Commission Representative)
    Charlie DenisonCharlie Denison , (Member-at-Large Representative)
    Larry WoodsLarry Woods , (Greene County Municipality Representative)
    Collin QuigleyCollin Quigley , (City of Springfield Representative)
    Sarah SchraderSarah Schrader , (Springfield Business Representative)

    Next Meeting

    12/21/22 Advisory Board Meeting