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Little Known Facts About the GCSO

  1. The first Sheriff of Greene County was appointed in 1833. Including Sheriff Jim Arnott there have been 40 Sheriff's of Greene County.
  2. 6 Deputies have made the ultimate sacrifice with the most recent occurring in October 2007.
  3. The Greene County Sheriff's Office Patrol and Investigations Divisions serve the unincorporated areas of Greene County while the Corrections, Civil and Court Security Divisions serve the entire population of Greene County.
  4. Greene County is the 4th largest county in Missouri. Per the 2010 US census, Greene County has a total population of 275,174 people. 159,498 live within the city limits of Springfield. Unincorporated Greene County has a population of 84,159 people, over half the population of Springfield. If unincorporated Greene County were a city, it would be Missouri's 7th largest city.
  5. The Greene County Sheriff's Office has an operating budget of almost $18 million. We employ 350 personnel with 46 Reserves and over 200 Citizen Volunteers. We operate a jail with an average daily inmate population of 610.
  6. There are 131 sworn Deputies and 214 non-sworn employees at the Greene County Sheriff's Office.
  7. FBI studies show the regional average of sworn officers to citizens is 1 officer for every 417 citizens. Greene County has a ratio of 1 sworn deputy for every 956 citizens. It would take 114 more sworn deputies to reach the regional average.

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