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Training Division

The Training Division is a branch of the Administrative Services Division which includes one Lieutenant, three Sergeants and one civilian employee.

All members of the Greene County Sheriff's Office Training Division are instructors in several areas of the Law Enforcement field, ranging from Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Taser, Pepper Spray, Field Training Officer and many, many other areas.

The primary focus of the Training Division is to provide, arrange and host the best possible training for approximately 350 employees of the Sheriff's Office, this includes all commissioned and non-commissioned employees from every division in the agency. They also track continuing education hours for every commissioned deputy and report those hours to the Missouri POST Commission.

Among overseeing the training of all employees, the Training Division also keeps track of all policies that the Sheriff implements and will assist in the updating of those policies if needed. The division is also very instrumental in overseeing special events like parades, charity motorcycle rides, etc.

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