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DWI and Traffic Enforcement

One mission of The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is to remove impaired/intoxicated drivers from the roadway. To help facilitate this mission, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office has established a DWI Enforcement Unit which consists of two full-time deputies.

The DWI Enforcement Unit was fully funded by MODOT for the first year, 75% the second year and 50% the third year. So far, MODOT has agreed to keep funding the DWI Enforcement Unit at 50% because their work is so vital to the overall mission of reducing the amount of vehicle related fatalities each year.

A minimum two-year commitment is required for Deputies to apply to work in the DWI Enforcement Unit. These Deputies regularly speak at assemblies and awareness programs about the consequences of impaired driving. They participate in docudramas which simulate fatality crashes involving impaired driving. They constantly attend training courses related to their field of work as well as continuing education classes. Deputies routinely attend many hours of court proceedings as a result of their enforcement.

Here are a few examples of their dedication to public safety as Deputies with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office:
*(Fiscal years 2011-2012, 2012–2013, 2013–2014, 2014-2015)

Total number of traffic stops: 8,618
DWI (alcohol and drug impaired): 974
Warrant Arrests: 356
Felony Arrests: 148
Sobriety Checkpoints: 66

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