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The Greene County Jail has 1242 beds and an average daily population of 980 inmates. The facility supports the philosophy of "Modified Supervision". Inmate programs are designed and implemented by 180 community volunteers. Inmates are encouraged to attend programs which facilitate a more successful re-entry into the community.

All newly hired Detention Officers attend an academy of professional classroom training instructed by senior staff from the department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call someone who is incarcerated in the Greene County Jail?

Inmates can receive Video Visit calls and emails through the IC Solutions App on any Android or IOS device.

Inmates with money on their phone accounts or by calling collect, can make phone calls during the following times 7 days a week

  • 8:30 am – 11:00 am
  • 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

 All phone calls are subject to monitoring and may be recorded.

Someone I know was arrested and taken to jail. He/She has my debit card, car keys, etc. How do I get it back?

You will need to contact the inmate by either writing him/her a letter (click here to read about the rules and regulations for Offender Mail ) or wait for the inmate to call you and instruct him/her to complete a “Property Release Form”. The form needs to be submitted to the Detention Officer in charge of his/her housing unit. Once a supervisor approves the request and item(s) to be released,

It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform you of the approval or denial

If the request is approved, you may pick up the item(s) at your convenience from the Jail Reception area. However, if the inmate is going to be transferred to another facility, you Must come pick up the item before they leave our jail. Once the inmate leaves our facility, his/her property will go with him/her as well. We are not responsible for any items left behind after an inmate is released from our custody.

Detention Officers cannot relay messages or make requests to inmates to release property to someone else.

How long will it take someone to be released from jail?

If someone was just arrested and taken to the jail, it would depend on several factors on how long it would take for them to be released.

  • Was the person arrested for Domestic Assault?
    • He/She could be released after a 5-hour hold unless he/she was booked in for a 24-hour hold charge
  • Was the person arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)?
    • He/she could be released after a 4-hour hold unless he/she required additional medical attention at a local hospital or was booked in for a 24-hour hold charge
  • Was the person arrested for an outstanding warrant?
    • Depending on the type of warrant would dictate their release:
      • Capias = no bond available and will be incarcerated until they see a judge on their charge
      • Cash only bond = the full amount of the bond must be paid in cash, exact amount only to the Greene County Jail. Once the paperwork is processed, the person will be released which could take 2-4 hours.
      • Open court bond = you must appear before a judge to post bond either with or without a bail bondsperson
      • Surety bond = you can contact a bondsperson to make financial arrangements to post on average 10% of the bond amount (example: $5,000 bond = $500). The bondsperson will go to the jail on your behalf to complete the necessary paperwork to process the release which could take 2-4 hours.

Each arrest situation is different and unique so not all of these options may apply when considering a time frame for someone’s release. It should also be noted that people will not be released during Detention Officer’s shift changes or designated meal times for inmates.

The jail lobby will also be closed after-hours and no one will be allowed to wait for someone to be released inside the lobby. You will have to wait outside until the person is escorted from the premises.

My car was towed when I was arrested. Where is it?

It is the Officer’s or Deputy’s discretion to have your vehicle towed. The vehicle may have been left where you were arrested or towed to a local impound lot. It also depends on which agency arrested you. If a Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested you, the vehicle will be at Henry's Towing located at 2806 South Farm Road 115 Brookline, MO 65619 (417-882-4559).

You can also contact the:

How do I bail/bond someone out of jail?

Not all charges require a set bond amount. Some charges are considered “Book and Release” where no fees are assessed or some charges such as Domestic Assault or Driving While Intoxicated also do not have a bond amount; some charges may be “Capias” or “PC (Probable Cause)” where no bond is set until the person has appeared before a judge or is released by the investigating agency. 
If there is a bond amount, your options are:

  • Cash only
  • Cash or Surety
    • the full amount must be paid in cash only or you have the option to utilize a bail bondsperson who may require an average of 10% of the bond amount ($5000 bond = $500)
  • Open Court
    • you must appear before a judge to post this type of bond either as an individual or with the assistance of a bail bondsperson

To submit an anonymous tip, please contact the Greene County Crime Tip Hotline at (417) 829-6230 You can also submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers .
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