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Greene County Emergency Rental Assistance

The County’s Emergency Rental Assistance program has ended. All funding from the U.S. Treasury has been spent and they are not providing additional funding. The State’s program has also ended.

Greene County is the recipient of $8,765,982.70 as part of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program. These funds are part of the second federal $900 billion COVID-19 relief package that was approved by Congress in December of last year. A key provision of that package is the Rental Assistance Program that set aside $25 billion to help families and individuals nationwide whose ability to pay rent and utilities has been impacted by COVID-19.

Greene County’s application to participate in the program was submitted to the Treasury Department on Jan. 12 after a vote by the Commission. The amount awarded to the County was based on per capita population figures for the state of Missouri.

To best reach those in need, Greene County has begun coordinating fund distribution efforts with area organizations and community partners that have existing experience with utility and housing assistance programs:

Partners' Contact Information has been removed since the program has ended.

Greene County has structured this program so you can make an appointment with a trusted Community Agency and fill out the application together. We ask that you contact one of our partnership agencies to schedule an appointment. To make the most of your appointment please bring the following items:

Available information: