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Planning Board

What does Rezoning mean?

In every zoning district there is a list of permitted uses and acceptable levels of density. An applicant may seek a rezoning for his/her property to change to a different district with different permitted uses and levels of density.

What is a Conditional Use Permit?

An applicant may seek a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to carry out a specific use on a property that the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment need to investigate more closely. Such uses are often unique and do not fit easily within common zoning districts. If a CUP is approved it does not change the underlying zoning on a property.

What is a Plot Assignment District?

A PAD is a specialized zoning district that allows specific land uses, such as in a planned development. Some PAD proposals contain multiple land uses and some contain just one, but in all cases future development on a PAD site is limited to the specific use or uses proposed. Rezoning to a PAD requires the submission of more detailed information than a typical rezoning, including sketch plans and an engineering report.

What is a Variance?

The Greene County Zoning Regulations contain a number of rules governing property development. If an applicant requests a variance it means she/he is asking for permission to break one of these rules due to exceptional circumstances. If a Variance is approved it does not change the underlying zoning on a property.