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Leah Betts

Leah Betts Leah Betts Collector of Revenue

Hello Citizens!

I am Leah Betts and I am your collector.  I want your experience with my office to be surprisingly pleasant with excellent service and a smile (I know what you are thinking...."in a tax office?"  My answer is "Yes indeed!").  We are here to serve you and that is what we strive to do. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Management.  I have served in the private industry as a salesperson, an office Manager, and an accounting clerk.  More importantly, I have served in nearly every position in the office over the years and I fully understand all aspects of the office and required duties.  Collecting a quarter of a billion dollars annually and distributing those monies to the 35 plus taxing districts is a big job.  I take the position I have been entrusted with by the voters very seriously.  

I have helped with many improvements in the office such as directing the writing of our collections computer program, implementing a payment processing system that reduces personnel costs significantly, and more.  One of the most exciting changes I have made, that directly impacts you, is the acceptance of debit and credit cards.

I hope you find the duty of paying county taxes more enjoyable knowing that we want to serve you with a smile and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. 

If you ever have a question, my door is open.

Thank you.

Leah Betts