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Emergency Operations Center

OperationsRoom_1 Activated during large-scale events that impact Greene County, the Emergency Operations Center is a central location for elected leaders, senior officials and partnering community organizations to coordinate response efforts, provide resources and disseminate information. With more than 70 workstations to support operations for dozens of agencies, the EOC ensures a coordinated and efficient disaster response operation.

Also during large-scale emergencies, the Joint Information Center (JIC), located within the EOC gathers information from EOC personnel to disseminate to the public.

EOC features include: the Operations room, Media Center, several multipurpose rooms, Public Information and Coordination Center, Regional Multi-Agency Coordination Center, Joint Information Center, Policy room, Control and Information Center, Situation room, Command, Planning, Logistics and Finance areas.

EOC Organization: Arranged according to NIMS/ICS standards into Management, Operations, Planning, Logistics and Administrative sections.

OperationsRoom_2 ICS-ESF Layout: Arranged according to ICS Branch and ESF function.

Communications: EOC has a local and wide area information technology network, county-wide TRS 800 Mhz. radio system, analog, digital and satellite telephone systems, fully integrated audio-video display systems, video conferencing facilities, connection to external video systems (TMC and MoDOT), redundant weather radar systems, Missouri’s EMSystem, WebEOC, and local and regional GIS capabilities.

Survivability: Setback from street, perimeter fencing, wind and blast-resistant exterior and interior surfaces, video surveillance, 24-hour onsite occupancy, emergency back up generators, a centralized uninterrupted power source (UPS), reserve water capability, reserve fire water storage, redundant heating/ventilation/air conditioning and reserve waste storage tanks.

Mission Statement

Implement proactive measures that make Springfield and Greene County a national model of community resilience through prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


Contact Us

Office of Emergency Management Greene County Public Safety Center
330 W Scott Street
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 869-6040 (417) 869-6654 Office of Emergency Management

Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (except holidays). A staff member assigned as Duty Officer maintains an on-call, 24/7 status.

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