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Hometown Ready Program


Disaster Preparedness. Community Engagement.

When disaster strikes, will you be prepared?
The Hometown Ready program, facilitated by the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management, offers comprehensive disaster preparedness programming and resources to ensure that citizens and businesses can respond with a resounding “yes” to the question posed above.

Ozarks Ready focuses on individual and family disaster preparedness by offering a simple four step plan that can be implemented at home. Elements include Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Stay Connected and Get Involved.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an avenue through which citizens can practice community volunteerism by training for disaster preparedness and response. These trained volunteers are then able to assist OEM staff in times of real disaster.

Business Certification allows local businesses and organizations to prepare for emergencies and mitigate the effects of disaster through an official certification process. OEM staff conduct a site evaluation and offer tips on how to make your business disaster resilient, saving you time and money. Being proactive now lessens the impact of a future disaster event. Contact OEM at 417-869-6040 or via email to learn about how to certify your business as “Hometown Ready”.

State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is the Missouri State emergency management branch that coordinates all Missouri county emergency management operations.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the federal government emergency management branch that coordinates all states’ emergency management operations.

Mission Statement

The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Management Program along with community stakeholders strives to be a national model of best practices in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery against high-impact events to reduce loss of life, damage to property and harm to the environment. The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Management Program promotes enhanced regionalization of emergency management across southwest Missouri.


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