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real_estate_agent Senior Tax Credit

Beginning in 2024, Greene County Seniors may be eligible for a Property Tax Credit!
This credit will allow qualified, senior taxpayers lock down their real estate taxes, effectively freezing their bill for future years.
This will not go into effect until 2024! Collectors across the state are working together and we expect to have everything in place for eligible taxpayers to apply as early as March 2024.

Can I apply now?

Click here to download the application!    The form must be completly filled out and notarized before being returned to the County Clerk's Office with all required documentation.  Do not submit the application to the Collector!

Where can I learn more?

State and local officials are working to clarify the details of this bill. The Missouri legislature will be asked to clear up these issues when they convene in January of 2024.

Will I get a check for the credit, like income tax returns?

No, the credit will keep your tax bill lower, so you’ll pay less. No need to wait for a rebate!

Will the credit start automatically?

No, taxpayers will be required to submit an application each year.