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directions_car Personal Property

Personal Property includes things like vehicles, boats, trailers, and airplanes. Check out the Assessor’s website for a detailed list of eligible property. Personal Property taxes are determined by levies, as voted on by Greene County citizens and the assessed value of the property owned on January 1st of the given year.
Taxpayers are required to turn in an assessment form declaring what property they owned on January 1st. If that form is not turned in, a bill will not be created and the taxpayer will not be able to pay taxes on time.
The Assessor determines the assessed value of an asset using state standard resources. The assessed value is multiplied against the tax levies, which are voted on by citizens of Greene County and maintained by the County Clerk.
Tax bills will be mailed in November and must be paid by December 31st!

New Residents – New Car Owners: Waiver - Statement of Non-assessment

The DMV requires proof of taxes paid to renew tags or register a vehicle.  If you did not owe taxes last year, you will need a waiver.

To open a personal property account, contact the Assessor’s Office.  Once you have an account, the Collector’s Office can issue waivers by phone, email, or in-person.  Waivers are vehicle specific, so you will need to provide proof of ownership (title in your name, out-of-state registration, assignment on the back of the title).  For addition information, click here.

Vehicle Gone After Jan 1

Taxes are based entirely on January 1st, so even if you sold the car on January 2nd, you would still owe taxes on it for the year.  On the other hand, if you purchased a car on January 2nd, you would not owe taxes that year.

No Longer a Greene County Resident

If you owned personal property and resided in Greene County on January 1st, you will need to assess and pay taxes in Greene County for that year.

Cannot Locate Statement

Option A:  The Assessors have not received an assessment list from you.  Contact their office to update your information.

Option B: If you didn’t have personal property on Jan 1, you will not owe taxes for that year.  You may need a waiver to tag vehicles.

Leased Vehicles

The leasing company (aka lessor) owns the leased vehicle and is responsible for paying the taxes.  To register the vehicle or renew tags, please contact the Collector’s Office to get a waiver stating no tax due or a copy of the vehicle’s tax receipt.