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Personal Property Frequently Asked Questions

How do I avoid paying late fees?

Be sure that your payment is postmarked no later than December 31st. Payments postmarked after December 31st will be returned unprocessed unless late fees are included. Please keep in mind that if you put your payment in a mailbox after the last pick-up time has passed, your payment will not be postmarked on time.

I didn't receive my personal property tax statement. What should I do?

First, look up your account on this website. If a tax statement for this year does not exist, it means the Assessor did not receive an assessment form from you; you need to contact the Assessor's office. If a tax statement for this year is available, look up your account and print a copy of your statement HERE.

May I pay personal property and real estate taxes with a single check?

Yes, you may pay any combination and any number of real estate and personal property statements with a single check. Please be sure to double check your addition since we are unable to process payments written for the incorrect amount.

What forms of payment do you accept?


  • You can pay with checking account information with NO bank fee!  
  • You can pay with a credit or debit card, but there is a bank fee. The fee for debit cards is 1.50% and the fee for credit cards is 2%.
  • We do NOT keep or gain from the fee in any way.  Missouri State Statutes do not allow us to pay that fee for you like for-profit retail establishments.
  • Pay with your checking account information to avoid the bank fee.


  • We accept cash, check, credit/debit card. There is a bank fee to use a card. Debit is 1.50% and credit is 2%.  
  • The bank fees do apply to in person credit and debit card transactions. 
  • You do need to bring your photo id to pay with credit or debit cards.  
Why am I being taxed for a vehicle I no longer own?

Your tax is based on the vehicles you owned on January 1st of the tax year. Even if you no longer own the vehicles, you still pay the tax based on what you owned the first day of the year.

Why is my bill so high?

The amount of tax you owe each year is based on the value of the vehicles you owned on January 1st of that year. The assessed value of your vehicles is established by the county Assessor using a standard rate book. The assessed value of your vehicles is printed on the upper right-hand portion of your statement. To determine what the Assessor believes to be the market (actual) value of your vehicles, multiply the assessed value by three. Assessed value x 3 = market value. If you believe that the Assessor has overvalued your vehicles, you may contact the Assessor's office.

Why is my bill higher than my friend's bill?

The tax you owe is based on the value of the vehicles you own, not the number of vehicles you own. It is common for a person with one more-expensive vehicle to owe more tax than a person with several less-expensive vehicles.

I am no longer a Missouri resident, do I still owe this tax?

Yes. By state law, your tax obligation is established on January 1st. Even if you move to a different state on January 2nd, you are still taxable for the year. Unfortunately, the law has no provision for the proration of the taxes due.

I mailed my payment, but I haven't gotten my receipt. Did you receive my payment?

If you are anxious to receive your receipt, please mail your payment no later than December 1st. After that date, the volume of mail we receive is so large that it can take up to two weeks to process your payment.