Contact the Collector

Mailing Address

Greene County Collector's Office
940 N Boonville Ave, Room 107
Springfield, MO 65802

Phone Numbers

Collector's Office

Phone: (417) 868-4036
Fax: (417) 868-4854

Assessor's Office

Phone: (417) 868-4101
Fax: (417) 829-6193


Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (except holidays). We are open through the lunch hour.

Contact by Email

If you need to change a vehicle listed on your bill, do not see a bill for a certain tax year when you search on this website, change your address, or ask about the value assigned to your property or vehicles (which affects the amount of your bill) - you need to contact the Assessor's office (that is the office that maintains that type of data, and then passes it to the Collector).