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Merchant License

Anyone who deals as a merchant at a location within Greene County is required to obtain a county merchant license. If the merchant has multiple business locations, a separate license is required for each location. The license is in addition to, not in lieu of, any other federal, state or local licensing requirements.
A merchant is any person, corporation, partnership or association of persons who engages in the sale of goods, wares and merchandise at wholesale or retail. They may be made from a stock of goods on hand or by ordering goods from another source.

Renew an existing license: go to Pay Online and enter the “Tax ID” (format: ML-000-000) and PIN found on the renewal statement. You can look up renewal statements and receipts under Account Search. The receipt acts as the proof of license and should be displayed along with other licensure.

Apply for a new license: See instructions provided on the application form linked below.

Update Existing License Information: Send an email to [email protected] with the License (ML) Number and provide the information to be updated.