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Real Estate includes land and anything affixed to it, such as buildings, fences, wells, or anything else that may be considered real property. Real Estate taxes are determined by levies, as voted on by Greene County Citizens, and the assessed value of the property.
Real estate is assessed automatically and do not require an annual assessment form to be turned in. The Assessor determines the appraised value, classification, and description of the property using state standard metrics. If there is an issue with the assessment of your real estate, please contact the Assessor’s Office.
Real estate taxes are affixed to the property itself, not to the owner. Therefore, if a property changes hands, it is the responsibility of the current owner to ensure taxes are paid. The Collector’s Office does not prorate tax bills.
Tax bills will be mailed in November and must be paid by December 31st!
(This does not apply to taxes paid by escrow. See below.)

Taxes Paid by Loan Company (escrow)

If you have an escrow account established to manage your tax payments, your bank or loan company will notify the Collector’s Office.  Tax statements will be sent to them, rather than you, the owner. 

Once the loan company’s payment has been processed, the receipt will be available online to download or print.  Should the loan company fail to pay by mid-December, the statement will be remailed to you with an extension to pay.

Paid Off Loan or Closed Escrow

You do not need to notify the Collector’s Office if your loan/mortgage is paid off.  As long as the mailing address on file is correct, your statement will be mailed to the owner automatically. 

If the escrow account is closed, your loan company will not request the bill and the statement will be mailed to your address on file with the Assessor’s Office. 

You can verify the mailing address by looking up the property account on this website under Statements & Receipts or Account Search.  For address change forms, go to 

Please note: If the loan company makes an error in notification, the statement will be resent to the owner after December 15th, with an extension to pay.

Prorated Taxes (partial year ownership)

The Collector’s Office does not prorate tax bills.  Therefore, if a property changes hands part way through the year, it is the responsibility of the new, current, owner to ensure taxes are paid. 

In most cases, the closing company will credit the seller’s portion of taxes to the buyer.  Please check your closing documents or contact the real estate company if you’re unsure. 

Please remember that regardless of potential errors, the current owner is ultimately responsible for the taxes due.

Name on Statement

The Assessor's Owner Record must match the deed of record.  The Collector's statement will only show the first name provided by the Assessor.  To change the order of names, or to make any account information corrections, please contact the Assessor’s Office.

Common Abbreviations:

  • ETAL: "and others" meaning multiple owners are listed in the Assessor record
  • C/O or %: "care of" used for mailing addresses