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Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't receive my real estate property tax statement. What should I do?

If your loan company is responsible for paying your real estate tax statement from an escrow account, your statement was requested by the loan company and you need not take any action. If you are responsible for paying your real estate tax statement, you can look up your account and print a copy of your statement HERE.

May I pay real estate and personal property taxes with a single check?

Yes, you may pay any combination and any number of real estate and personal property statements with a single check. Please be sure to double-check your addition since we are unable to process payments written for the incorrect amount.

What forms of payment do you accept?


  • You can pay with checking account information with NO bank fee!  
  • You can pay with a credit or debit card, but there is a bank fee. The fee for debit cards is 1.50% and the fee for credit cards is 2%.
  • We do NOT keep or gain from the fee in any way.  Missouri State Statutes do not allow us to pay that fee for you like for-profit retail establishments.
  • Pay with your checking account information to avoid the bank fee.


  • We accept cash, check, credit/debit card. There is a bank fee to use a card. Debit is 1.50% and credit is 2%.  
  • The bank fees do apply to in person credit and debit card transactions. 
  • You do need to bring your photo id to pay with credit or debit cards.  
I received my real estate statement but my loan company is supposed to pay it; what should I do?

If your loan company is supposed to pay your taxes, they will contact us for a duplicate tax statement. You don't need to worry about sending the bill you received to them. Please don't get anxious and pay the bill yourself; doing that will result in our office receiving two payments.

I bought my property in the middle of the year; why have I received a bill for the full year?

At the closing, you received a credit for the amount of tax the seller owed for the year. You are now responsible for the payment of taxes when they are due. If you believe that this does not apply in your case, take your closing statement to the real estate company which sold the property to you, and have them look at the papers with you.

Why is my bill so high?

The Assessor is required by state law to reassess the value of all real estate in the county every two years. Since the amount of tax you pay is based on the value of the property, the increase in real estate values is unavoidably reflected in the tax bill.

Why is someone else's name on my statement?

Ownership information on real estate statements is current through September 1st. Property which has a change in ownership after that date will have the previous owner's name on the statement. Your name will be listed as owner in the coming year. You still own the property, and you get credit for paying the taxes.

Why is only my spouse's name on the statement?

Don't worry, you still own the property. The computer is set up to print only one name on the tax statement since many times two or more names will not fit in the address window of the envelope.

Why is someone named Etal on my tax statement?

Etal is not a person's name. It is a phrase which means "and others." It is used when there is not enough space to list all of the owners.