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Dan Patterson

Our Vision - to ensure a safe and secure community with justice for all.

Our Mission - to be ministers of justice working to ensure that justice is achieved fairly, effectively and efficiently through advocacy and community leadership.

Our Objectives

"A public prosecutor is a responsible officer chosen for his office by the suffrage of the people. He is accountable to the law, and to the people. He is vested with personal discretion intrusted to him as a minister of justice, and not as a mere legal attorney. He is disqualified from becoming in any way entangled with private interests or grievances in any way connected with charges of crime. He is expected to be impartial in abstaining from prosecuting as well as in prosecuting, and to guard the real interests of public justice in favor of all concerned." State v. Smith, 258 S.W.2d 590, 593 (Mo. Supreme Court en banc 1953)