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1873 Springfield City Directory


Transcriber's Note: With the use of "auto-complete" available, the abbreviations for the businesses listed below have been replace in the transcription with the complete business name. The "col'd" abbreviation replaced with "C" in the third colmn in the Directory A-Z listing. Business listings from the main directory have been combined with the "Business Directory".
Al Alley
Ave Avenue
Bet Between
Bds Boards
Clk Clerk
Col'd Colored
Cor Corner
E East
Emp Employe
Es East side
Lab Laborer
Man'f Manufacturer
Man'fs Manufacturers
N North
Ne North east
Nw North west
Nr Near
Ns North side
Prop Proprietor
Props Proprietors
Op Opposite
R Resides
Rr Rear
S South
S C F Springfield Cotton Factory
Se South east
S I W Springfield Iron Works
S M C Springfield Manufacturing Co
St Street
Sw South west
Ss South side
W West
Wid Widow
Ws West side