1873 Springfield City Directory


Transcriber's Note: With the use of "auto-complete" available, the abbreviations for the businesses listed below have been replace in the transcription with the complete business name. The "col'd" abbreviation replaced with "C" in the third colmn in the Directory A-Z listing. Business listings from the main directory have been combined with the "Business Directory".
AlAlley   NsNorth side
AveAvenue   PropProprietor
BetBetween   PropsProprietors
BdsBoards   OpOpposite
ClkClerk   RResides
Col'dColored   RrRear
CorCorner   SSouth
EEast   S C FSpringfield Cotton Factory
EmpEmploye   SeSouth east
EsEast side   S I WSpringfield Iron Works
LabLaborer   S M CSpringfield Manufacturing Co
Man'fManufacturer   StStreet
Man'fsManufacturers   SwSouth west
NNorth   SsSouth side
NeNorth east   WWest
NwNorth west   WidWidow
NrNear   WsWest side