1908 Map of Springfield and Suburbs

This map of Springfield, Missouri, published in April, 1908, by G. D. Weeks, shows various features of the city and some surrounding areas. There were eight wards in the city at that time. Voting, school attendance and census enumeration was by ward. There were also railroad yards and factories. The roundhouses have now been torn down and the Springfield Wagon Factory is no longer in business. Some street names have changed since 1908; Evans, Pearl and Pine Streets are no more. State Normal School became State Teachers College, Southwest Missouri State University and finally Missouri State University, Drury College is now Drury University and Lincoln School, marked "Colored School" below Drury is gone. This was the old Lincoln School.

There is an index to streets and also an index to "Additions" which is an index to subdivisions. Subdivisions are named on the map. Some only have lots numbers. Others have both block and lots numbers. Numbers which appear to have been inked or drawn on the map were probably used by the county office which had the map for land assessment.

The Archives is very grateful to an anonymous volunteer for digitizing this very interesting and useful map.

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