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Frequenty Asked Questions

How can I change the name on my deed?

To make changes to ownership of property, a new document must be prepared. Title companies or an attorney may assist you in making the necessary changes. The Recorder's Office does not prepare documents.

I know the address of a certain property owner, but do I need other information to get a copy of a deed?

If you have only an address, you must contact the Assessor's office for a legal description of the property in order to locate recorded documents.

Does my property have any liens filed on it?

The Recorder of Deeds office is prohibited by law from conducting lien searches. Our office is responsible only to record documents that meet recording requirements. If you wish to search the records yourself, we will be glad to provide assistance. The Recorder's Office is not the only office where liens on property are filed.

Can you tell me the selling price of a home in my neighborhood?

The selling price of real estate is not required on recorded deeds.

Are there easements on my property?

First check the original plat of the property and also search the indexes. The Recorder's Office does not maintain separate indexes for easements.

When may I expect the return of my document after recording?

You should receive your original document back within a week.

Are common-law marriages recognized in Missouri?

The State of Missouri does not recognize common-law marriages.

Are proxy marriages allowed in Missouri?

No, Missouri does not allow marriage by proxy. There are only four states in the United States that allow proxy marriages, California, Colorado, Texas and Montana.

What is "Subscribers Download"?

This is a subscription service which allows downloading of raw data. This service does not allow you to view images on the website.

I know the address of a certain property owner, but do I need other information to get a copy of a deed?

We cannot search records by street address. We need a full legal description; a book and page reference number; name; or document number. To obtain the legal and other information, please check the Greene County Assessor's web page.