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Traditionally family court cases have been handled through the adversarial process of court (litigation). Mediation is an alternative method of resolving your case. In mediation the two parties will sit down with a trained mediator who will facilitate a conversation to resolve the disputed issues in their family court case (i.e. parenting plan, child support, property and debt division).

Why Mediate?

Mediation Local Court Rule

The Greene County Court En Banc approved Local Rule 68.9B that authorizes Mediation in contested cases. The rule states: "In every contested family law case, except a Family Access Motion, the parties shall participate in a minimum of two hours of mediation".

Becoming A Mediator

How to get on the Greene County Family Court Mediator List?

If you are interested in getting on the Greene County Family Court Mediator list you need:

  1. Graduate degree
  2. Completed a minimum 20 hours of child custody mediation training
  3. Observed four domestic relations mediations
  4. Complete the mediator application attached/linked below

Mediator QualificationsPursuant to Supreme Court Rule 17.04 "any individual providing alternative dispute resolution services ... shall have at least sixteen hours of formal training." Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 88.05 an individual "who performs mediation in a contested child custody matter shall be a person who: is an attorney or a person who possesses a graduate degree in a field that includes the study of psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling or other behavioral science substantially related to marriage and family interpersonal relationships; and has received a minimum of twenty hours of child custody mediation training in a program approved by the court." Additionally, per request of Greene County Family Court, the mediator shall have observed four domestic relations mediations with at least two mediators who are currently on the approved mediation list.

Mediator Application