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Risk Assessment

The Greene County Pretrial Services Office is made up of two parts. The first part is the writing of risk assessments. This office provides the Greene County Criminal Courts with a Public Safety Assessment (PSA) for each individual held in the Greene County Jail on a felony or misdemeanor charge. Every effort is made to submit the PSA prior to the defendant’s first appearance in Court.

The Officer utilizes Case.Net to locate criminal dockets and criminal history is obtained from MULES to assist in scoring the PSA. The PSA provides two scores, the first is the FTA score which indicates the level of risk for the defendant not to appear at future court dates if released pre-trial and the second is an NCA score, which provides a score which indicates the level of risk there is for the defendant to commit new criminal activity if released pre-trial. Lastly, the PSA provides for a violent flag. Defendants that are determined to have a violent flag are considered more likely to commit new violent crime if released pre-trial.

If a defendant is released and is rearrested, the Pretrial office will submit a new PSA if the score has changed based on any new information since the previous PSA was submitted, and may submit the previous PSA if the scores have not changed.


The Pretrial Services office will supervise all cases ordered by a Greene County Judge for supervision, with the exception of Unclassified, and A felonies. During the first appointment, the supervision officer will go over all conditions or expectations for their supervision. The defendant will sign the Conditions of Release and they will keep a copy and a copy will be e-filed to the Court. The defendant is able to report as ordered by phone or may report in person. When the defendant reports, they will be asked their next court date and if there are any changes in their home address or phone number.

If there is a violation of a Condition of Release, the Officer will attempt to contact the defendant to discuss this, and will then notify the Court.