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"The Gift of a Father"

By Thomas - age 16

Cold nights on winter days
Memories that won't fade away
Of a father's gift that still remains
And keeps my soul from going insane

This Christmas won't be about me
Or all the things I may get
But I'll remember how you were there
With advice whenever I needed it

Daddy worked so hard for me
To get the things I wanted for Christmas
But he's truly the only thing
I really need on my wish list

Like when you were at my first game
And I made my first touchdown
You gave me gifts even though
The feelings of Christmas weren't around

I'm happy my holidays were made
Thank God I don't have to wander
My Christmas will be my favorite
Thanks to the gift of my father

"That is my story"

By Cody - age 16

Found you laying in that corner crying and weeping,
I sat there and started thinking, maybe you are laying in that corner for a reason
I'm just sitting there doing nothing but watching you cry,
I was wondering if you'd do something to change your life?
I was wondering what was wrong with you, to do the things you do?
To tell you the truth I'm talking about me, not you

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