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Medical Examiner FAQs

Who can request records?

Missouri statute requires medical examiner files to be open to the public. Cases that are completed are available when a written request is made. Cases that are under investigation are not available until authorized by the County Prosecutor.

When can I get an autopsy report?

Autopsy reports are usually available in 8-10 weeks after the autopsy is done. To receive a copy of the autopsy report, please send a request, (with your name, address you would like the report sent to, and your relationship to the deceased) to our office. Reports will be sent as soon as they are available. There is no charge to family members for copies of the Medical Examiners report.

Where do I get a death certificate?

Death Certificates are not available through the Medical Examiners Office. Certified copies of Death Certificates are obtained through the Bureau of Vital Records. The funeral home making arrangements will be able to assist you in obtaining certified copies of the Death Certificate. 

Death certificates are signed as soon as possible, after the death occurs. In some cases it is not possible to determine the cause of death, and complete the death certificate until results from testing are received.

What do I need to do now?

After a death, you do not need to come to the medical examiners office to identify your loved one. Typically, identification can be accomplished by photographic means. 

You will need to make a decision on a funeral home. Family, Friends, and Clergy can assist you with this decision. Take the time you need to make an informed decision, and then contact the funeral home of your choice. They will guide you through making arrangements. The funeral home staff will coordinate with our office to pick up the body, and carry out the arrangements you decide upon. Bodies are released as soon as possible to allow families to proceed with final disposition.

Who cleans up the scene after a death?

Several companies specialize in cleanup of the scene of a death, which often includes biohazadous substances. These services may be covered by homeowners insurance. 

Advanced Biohazard Cleanup, LLC 
(800) 679-0941 

(877) 769-6917 

Bio Cleaning Services of America, Inc. 
(888) 229-7975 

Bixler Corporation 
(417) 882-0043 
(417) 873-3110 

Crime Scene Cleaners Inc. 
(800) 909-2939 

Serv Pro 
(417) 865-7711 

Sunbelt Environmental Services Inc. 
(417) 831-5052 
(800) 897-4295