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The Greene County Highway Department is asking citizens for their patience as we complete seasonal mowing. Due to local labor shortages, mowing will be completed on a single-pass basis versus the typical multi-pass schedule. Please contact us for any questions or concerns.

Those interested in joining the Greene County Highway Department as a seasonal employee, visit

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing a safe and efficient transportation system to promote a prosperous Greene County.

Our Promise:

We Will Continually Strive to Earn the Trust and Confidence Of the Citizens of Greene County Through the Sound Stewardship of the Public Resources in Our Charge.

The Greene County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 8,000 acres of right of way divided into two districts. Within this right of way lies approximately 2,500 lane miles of roadway, 217 bridges, and 672 box culverts. To meet the task of maintaining this right of way, the Highway Department employs over 100 people. Each employee plays an integral part of our operations, which make up three divisions. The Operations Division includes our maintenance crews, who strive daily to keep our roadways safe and passable for the traveling public. Some of their duties include hand patching, shoulder stabilization, paving, sign maintenance, striping, vegetation control, pipe and guardrail installation, bridge & box culvert maintenance and snow removal. The Engineering/Inspection Division consists of engineers and inspectors who review and approve plans, inspect road and bridge construction projects and enforce county standards in subdivision development and work performed in the right of way. The Administrative Division handles day to day operations such as finance, clerical, human resources, and public relations.